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Snake Avoidance Training Dates for 2017


Saturday: 23rd and Sunday 24th September 2017 and Saturday October 21st and Sunday 22nd 2017

Dr Felicity Harradine has organised for Animal Ark Wildlife Education and training to visit. This event will be held at Harradine and Associates. Last year Animal Ark ran a training course at Harradine and Associates. It was so interesting watching David Manning and Ziggy Nielsen at work. We had many dogs come through over the 2 days. We defiantly saw amazing results with every dog that went through.

This course is a must for any dog owner. Ring 9795 8080 to book your spot.

Course Outline

We teach your dog to avoid snakes     “Snake proof” your dog

Many hundreds of dogs are bitten by snakes every year and sadly many die. If your dog survives the bite it can cost thousands of dollars at the vets for antivenom treatment. Data is hard to come by but Murdoch Vet Hospital, in their catchment area only, treated between 76 and 137 dogs for snakebite a year from 2007-2010.

Snake avoidance training for your dog is now available in WA through Animal Ark.

Our training is quick and effective. We use a low-level static correction collar to achieve this. This enables your dog to learn that close proximity to the interesting object (a snake) will be unpleasant and thus creates a negative association. This teaches the dog to make it’s own decision to avoid snakes and the unpleasant reaction in the future.

It is very important that we use real venomous snakes under strictly controlled situations, as these are the dangerous species we want your dog to avoid. Fortunately we are very good with both snakes and dogs and are fully licensed with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in WA to deliver wildlife education.

All the feedback for snake avoidance, or snake aversion, training shows that it works. Dogs vary hugely in learning ability. Retraining is advised every year for 2/3 years by which time most dogs have a thorough snake avoidance, snake proofing, education.

This practical, life saving training comprises:

  • One-on-one training
  • Training style briefing
  • Snakebite facts
  • First aid for your dog
  • Practical avoidance sessions with live non-venomous and venomous snakes
  • Local snake species used for the training
  • Strict safety protocols followed for snake handling
  • Suitable for any dog over 6 months old
  • Not suitable for aggressive dogs
  • Training session usually takes less than an hour Trainer David Manning works with a variety of wildlife and is a registered wildlife rehabilitator. As a professional herpetologist David delivers DPaW endorsed venomous snake handling and awareness training to companies and individuals throughout WA. “With my background in training and supplying animals for film and TV production, animal welfare and safety is always our highest priority.” – David Manning $195 inc GST per dog.
  • Photo: David Manning with his co-star presenting a dog safety programme in Auckland some years ago.
  • David’s company Animal Ark used to train and supply a huge variety of dogs for film, television and photographic work in the UK.

If you want to find out more check their website:  or phone 9243 3044

Below are some of the participants from 2016

20161119_134026  20161119_134051 20161119_134054 20161119_132537    20161119_132247 20161119_13253720161119_12581520161119_125723


20161119_130338 Wanda The Woma python.  20161119_130256








Dalyellup Dog Walk 2017

Once again we are running THE DALYELLUP DOG WALK  Pencil in Sunday 12th November.

There will be great prizes for Best dressed dog, best trick and fun games for the kids. Doopa dog will also be in attendance.





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Snail Pellets

snailThe snails are out and about again….There are no “pet safe” snail pellets! NEVER use them if you have pets. They cause shaking, fitting, salivation and diarrhea, among other signs, and can easily kill a dog or cat. If your pet is affected, seek veterinary attention immediately.  Phone 9795 8080


DALYELLUP VET CLINIC IS NOW OPEN. Conveniently located on Norton Promenade (next to Gravity). Open from 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday with weekends to follow when established. Dr Tanya Rae is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Dr Monique Robinson is available on Wednesdays. Harradine and Associates grooming service has now moved to the Dalyellup  clinic. You can expect the same friendly, caring  and professional service  you get  from Harradine and Associates.