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Due to the arrival of the NBN we have a NEW number 9796 5800

Our old number 9795 8080 will continue to be in service for the next 12 months.

April Equine Special

We are pleased to offer the following packages to our equine clients during the month of APRIL.

PACKAGE ONE $220.00. Includes Annual health check. Routine dental with sedation. Worm, bot and oil drench.  Annual vaccination (either tetanus or tetanus/strangles)

PACKAGE TWO $180.00. Includes Annual health check. Routine dental with sedation. Worm, bot and oil drench.

***Terms, conditions and travel charges may apply.

New shoots are starting to emerge and with them we are seeing an increase in the number of sand colic cases. Routine drenching can help to reduce colic cases. Routine drenching can help to reduce the sand burden and incidence of colic. Our dental procedure includes an examination with a full mouth speculum and light. Annual inspection of the mouth is an important part of routine equine health, allowing problems to be identified and treated early.

Our equine vets are fully mobile and can come to you! Alternatively take advantage of our undercover crush facilities and bring your horse to our hospital.

To take advantage of this offer please phone the Hospital on our new number 9796 5800 



Please remember that chocolate can be toxic to our pets. Chocolate is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao, which  contains  certain properties that can be toxic to our pets. (Chocolate and caffeine) If ingested  these two ingredients can possibly  lead to poisoning or may even be fatal for your pet.

Google the  Chocolate toxicity calculator below and simply put in your dogs weight. The amount of chocolate and what type  of chocolate it was this will calculate if your dog requires veterinary assistance or not.

My dog has eaten chocolate!


PHONE 9795 1284 Conveniently located on Norton Promenade (next to Gravity). Open from 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday with weekends to follow when established. Dr Tanya Rae is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Dr Monique Halliday is available on Wednesdays.  You can expect the same friendly, caring  and professional service  you get  from Harradine and Associates.



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