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PHONE 9795 1284 Conveniently located on Norton Promenade (next to Gravity). Open from 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday with weekends to follow when established. Dr Tanya Rae is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Dr Monique Robinson is available on Wednesdays.  You can expect the same friendly, caring  and professional service  you get  from Harradine and Associates.


Snake season is here

With the long period of wet weather looking to be over, we have seen a number snake bites already . With the warmer weather, snakes will be more active and will be looking for food after the winter months. It is difficult to be sure, but snakes may have more venom available early in the season , but really, any snake venom entering the body if likely to cause major illness, so it is important to get your companion medical attention quickly if you think they have been bitten.

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Snail Pellets

snailThe snails are out and about again….There are no “pet safe” snail pellets! NEVER use them if you have pets. They cause shaking, fitting, salivation and diarrhea, among other signs, and can easily kill a dog or cat. If your pet is affected, seek veterinary attention immediately.  Phone 9795 8080


Dr Nic Fargher has recently returned from attending the WA Horse Council’s large animal emergency rescue master class. The class was run by Anton Phillips from the UK who is an animal rescue specialist. Attendees were from a variety of organisations including the SES and fire service. The action packed 2 day course covered a variety of different rescue scenarios including fire, mud, water, ditches, float turnovers and cattle grid rescues. It was a great opportunity to learn techniques that allow rescue of horses by the most humane methods whilst ensuring the safety of all responders as well as members of the public. All three of our equine vets at Harradine and Associates have had further training in large animal rescue.