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April Equine Special

We are pleased to offer the following packages to our equine clients during the month of APRIL.

PACKAGE ONE $220.00. Includes Annual health check. Routine dental with sedation. Worm, bot and oil drench.  Annual vaccination (either tetanus or tetanus/strangles)

PACKAGE TWO $180.00. Includes Annual health check. Routine dental with sedation. Worm, bot and oil drench.

***Terms, conditions and travel charges may apply.

New shoots are starting to emerge and with them we are seeing an increase in the number of sand colic cases. Routine drenching can help to reduce colic cases. Routine drenching can help to reduce the sand burden and incidence of colic. Our dental procedure includes an examination with a full mouth speculum and light. Annual inspection of the mouth is an important part of routine equine health, allowing problems to be identified and treated early.

Our equine vets are fully mobile and can come to you! Alternatively take advantage of our undercover crush facilities and bring your horse to our hospital.

To take advantage of this offer please phone the Hospital on our new number 9796 5800 



PHONE 9795 1284 Conveniently located on Norton Promenade (next to Gravity). Open from 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday with weekends to follow when established. Dr Tanya Rae is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Dr Monique Halliday is available on Wednesdays.  You can expect the same friendly, caring  and professional service  you get  from Harradine and Associates.



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Snail Pellets

snailThe snails are out and about again….There are no “pet safe” snail pellets! NEVER use them if you have pets. They cause shaking, fitting, salivation and diarrhea, among other signs, and can easily kill a dog or cat. If your pet is affected, seek veterinary attention immediately.  Phone 9795 8080

Household dangers

Pet Proofing your home: Just as parents ‘childproof’ so should pet owners ‘pet proof’ for their four legged friends of the family Cats and dogs are naturally curious and love to explore their environment with their paws claws and mouths. But they don’t know what is dangerous and what is not … Its up to you to make your home a safe pet friendly environment. The following tips can help ensure that your pet enjoys a long, happy and accident free life in your care.

  • Don’t let young pets out on balconies or high decking areas.
  • Many household plants, including lilies, dieffenbachia, philodendrons, ivy and many more plants are extremely poisonous if eaten. Remove these plants or put them out of reach in hanging baskets.
  • Rat and snail bait is extremely tempting for dogs to eat, yet is highly poisonous, potentially fatal and should not be accessible at any time.
  • Puppies and kittens love to chew when teething, so unplug, remove or cover electrical cords.
  • Plastic bags may be fun to play with but they can suffocate.
  • If your pet can put something in their mouth, they probably will. Don’t leave small, sharp, easily swallowed objects lying around.
  • Keep pets away from lawns and gardens treated with snail bait and chemicals.
  • Paint, petrol and other dangerous chemicals should be stored out of reach.
  • Cover swimming pools, spas and ponds- your pet might fall in and drown.
  • Never leave fishing tackle around. Dogs love the smell of old bait and will happily chew on a fish hook.
  • Keep pets away from spiders and snakes. If you think your pet has been bitten by a snake please head straight to your veterinarian. Let the hospital know you are on the way as this will allow an emergency team to be on stand by.

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your pets healthy and out of danger.