Equine Surgery

Surgical Procedure’s include;

  • castrations
  • stitch ups, surgical repair
  • wound debridement with “Versajet”
  • foals- hernia repairs, infected umbilicus, orthopaedic (periosteal strips and transphyseal bridging)
  • foal ruptured bladder repair
  • septic joint lavage
  • eye surgery
  • hoof surgery
  • sinus surgery
  • dental surgery
  • check ligament desmotomy
  • medial patella ligament splitting

We have gas anaesthesia for longer procedure’s which is clinic based, and IV anaesthesia for ambulatory field procedure’s.

If our equine patients have more complex surgical requirements that we can not perform under field conditions, these cases are referred to Murdoch University Equine Hospital or to another surgical facility if our clients have a preference.