Elly Hendriksz RVN (maternity leave)

Elly Hendrikz

I grew up in country NSW on my family’s property, surrounded by animals. I found my passion for horses as a small girl. Owning and competing in various different disciplines since the age of eight. I started my nursing studies with a well known equine veterinarian in the southern highlands of NSW. The experience there has been invaluable to my career. I worked in various mixed animal veterinary practices throughout NSW  before moving to WA to nurse. I then met my now husband who migrated from South Africa in 2008.

We moved to Tamworth in NSW to further my equine nursing career. I  became involved in the cutting horse industry there. But my love for the WEST didn’t leave me. My husband and I have recently moved to Bunbury. We have two beautiful Bull Mastiff dogs at home that we adore, We love camping, fishing and anything outdoors!