Physical Therapies

FlipA variety of physical therapies are offered at Harradine and Associates. These include Bowen therapy, Trigger Point therapy, Tui Na, Positional Release and spinal mobilisations. Dr Felicity (Flip) Harradine has studied all of these modalities and uses a combination of these in addition to acupuncture to help rehabilitate small animals and horses.

Bowen therapy is a cross fibre myofascial releasing technique which involves the movement of whole muscles with associated soft tissues and fascia. It differs from massage in that massage tends to involve repetitive movements over an affected area, whereas the Bowen movements only go over the affected area at most two to three times, then the area is left to settle while another part of the body is treated. Bowen is a very effective technique for releasing tight or restricted muscles and is a whole body treatment.

Trigger Points are localised areas of pain within a muscle , or within the fascia. They can be felt sometimes as hard marble like swellings,or may be bigger and more diffuse. Fascia has usually contracted in that area and the muscles are unable to fully contract or extend. Trigger points are acutely painful and can radiate pain to other areas of the body. Treatment of trigger points can involve injections into the areas, or dry needling, or they can be released using a small electric device. Dr Harradine generally prefers to treat trigger points by gentle digital pressure. this takes longer, but causes minimal discomfort to the patients. Trigger point release must be followed by stretching to have lasting effects.