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Snake Season

Jump the Queue!

If your pet is on regular medication and it looks like you’re getting low, save the wait and get your repeat order in with our Vets before you run out!

Most medications are not simply an over the counter purchase and we need time to get the Vet to review, approve and make up the medication for you. By calling ahead of time we can ensure you won’t run out of your pets vital medications.

Simply call the team at either of our clinics to put in your request.

Snail Pellets

snailThe snails are out and about again….There are no “pet safe” snail pellets! NEVER use them if you have pets. They cause shaking, fitting, salivation and diarrhea, among other signs, and can easily kill a dog or cat. If your pet is affected, seek veterinary attention immediately.  Phone 9795 8080