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A Recent Visitor

We often have wildlife brought in to us who need a bit of TLC and medical patching up, but we recently had someone a little more unusual than our regular possums and kangaroos- a Spotted Quoll or Chuditch, which is a small native carnivore. He had been a bit bashed around, and had concussion and a bruised eye. Luckily, he was found out in the Ferguson Valley by a very good samaritan and brought to Dr Tanya, under who’s expert care he made a full recovery and was last seen hightailing into his home range after we drove him home.

Congratulations Ashleigh- our newest Cert IV Nurse

Well done and congratulations to our previous trainee nurse Ashleigh Leknys on gaining her Certificate IV from Polytechnic West  to become a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse. Ash has worked very hard since joining us and has achieved her qualification as quickly as is possible, and is fitting reward for her effort and attitude. Good work Ash!

One of our Vets Honoured


Michael Rae is  honoured to have been nominated by one of our clients in the “Most Supportive Vet” Category of the Master Dog Breeders and Associates “Dog Owner’s Choice” Awards for this year. The MDBA is an organisation dedicated to promoting and celebrating excellence in dog breeding and practices, animal welfare, ownership and animal related services and to be strongly committed to the promotion of responsible pet ownership. To find out more about all that they do please visit

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Melbourne on May 24th- there are 18 nominations in the category so competition will be pretty stiff, we’ll see what the judges think!

Prescription Drugs

While the rules have not changed, the number of prescriptions we are filling and the increasing abuse of some veterinary drugs means a veterinarian MUST verify, record and label all prescription (“S4”) drugs leaving the hospital, which takes some time, especially at busy consulting times. In addition, a patient must have been seen by the practice within a “reasonable time” before prescription drugs can be dispensed- this will vary depending on the drug and the condition being treated. Therefore we ask that clients try to give us a ring 24 hours before they need the script filled so we can organise the medication and reduce waiting times and hassle for everyone.

Also, when we advise that we need to see you and your pet before giving more medication, we are only trying to maximise the welfare and safety of the patient, or follow prescribing laws.

Microchipping Day

A huge thanks to all those old and new clients who brought their pets to our microchipping day last Sunday (the 3rd November). It was the first time we have tried this at the hospital and overall we think went pretty well. We certainly didn’t expect such a huge turnout, especially in the first hour , but everyone was very patient , not least the patients, who tolerated the stress and the needle very well- not one owner or vet got bitten or scratched! We have obviously learnt for the trial run, but if anybody has feedback, please let us know by Email or just dropping in.