Ultrasound scanning is a procedure that uses high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are inaudible to humans and produce images of structures within the body. When these sound waves are aimed into the body of your pet, some are absorbed by tissues and others bounce back. The sound waves that bounce back are then measured by the ultrasound machine and they are transformed into an image of the body area it is focused onto.

Ultrasound scanning is a painless procedure, generally most patients will not need to be sedated, but if your pet is anxious or in pain then sedation may Kylie and Ultrasoundbe helpful. Your veterinarian will need to shave the area that needs to have the ultrasound as hair obstructs ultrasound waves.

Your veterinarian will discuss the requirements of you pet prior to an ultrasound. Some patients will be requested to  eat after 8am the night before their ultrasound. A full stomach will make imaging more difficult.

The optimum time to ultrasound a pregnant dog and cat is 28 days.

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