Equine Dentistry

Dental disease is painful, can reduce your horses performance and is often a reason why your horse may fail in training. Proper dental maintenance is essential to allow your horse to preform to the best of its ability.

Dental health care can:Laughing horse

  • Prevent premature tooth loss and promote more complete utilisation of feed.
  • Reduce the incidence of impaction and gas colic.
  • Alleviate mouth and jaw pain.
  • Prevent pain due to the use of a bit, making it easier for your horse to be trained.
  • Extend the life expectancy of your horse.

Routine dentistry should not be painful, horses are given a mild sedation, which includes an  analgesic,  this will reduce  stress on your horse and enables a thorough examination of your horses mouth.

Our recommendation is a dental health check every 12 months. This will help prevent dental problems, as we can treat them before they become more serious.