Equine Radiology

In 2015 we purchased a new direct digital radiography unit. This unit is second to none and allows us to take brilliant quality radiographs. Digital radiography does not require film processing and allows immediate examination of x-rays on a computer screen. This unit is portable, allowing us to use it away from the hospital if necessary.

 X-rays are generally taken based on abnormal clinical findings such as a painful or swollen  joint or sometimes after your horse has been given a nerve block to localise the joint.  This involves anaesthesia of a nerve or joint to help assist diagnosis or treatment of a lameness.

When your horse has x-rays taken, we will  generally sedate it, as movement can blur  x-rays and make them  unreadable, and our staff are often placed in positions of potential danger in order to get diagnostic views.  Depending on the level of sedation and type of medication required, your horse should be ready to travel home after 30-60 minutes.