Equine Reproduction

Harradine and Associates offer complete stud medicine veterinary services to all horse breeders, from families wanting to breed their first foal, to large established studs breeding multiple foals every year.

Services include

  • fertility and infertility examinations
  • stallion evaluationfoal new born
  • broodmare management
  • artificial insemination
  • foetal sexing

If you are thinking about breeding there are several veterinary procedures that need to be carried out on your mare before sending her to stud. These need to be done in a safe environment to protect our staff and your mare. We require a crush (stocks) that is preferably located under shelter/shed/barn, (this helps us when looking at ultrasound images of reproductive structures, as under sunlight, images can be extremely difficult to evaluate). If you don’t have a crush, transporting your mare into the clinic is an alterative option.

When breeding, there are several procedures that are required by the stud before sending your mare to be mated. Most studs require a clean cervical/uterine swab +/- a certificate stating when and what the results are, (please note that even maiden mares (unbred mare) can have infections). At this time your mare can have her reproductive tract examined to make sure she is suitable for breeding. This involves an external examination as well as an internal (rectal) examination using ultrasound to assess her uterus and ovaries, and we can assess what stage of her cycle she is in at this time.

Other common reproductive procedure’s are follicle tests, uterine lavage post breeding, pregnancy tests (early 14-17 days, 27-30 days and 45 days).