Euthanasia and Bereavement

With recent developments in pet health care, most pets are able to enjoy a long healthy life. However, some pets may reach a point when their quality of life is no longer comfortable or enjoyable.

The big question is will they pass away peacefully in their sleep or do they need some gentle assistance from us. This is when it becomes really difficult for us as pet owners, we have to decide whether it would be kinder for the pet to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering, or if there are other options still available at that stage.

The decision is never an easy one and the team here at Harradine & Associates more than understand the difficulty in moving forward with this final visit.

We can help by organising a consult with the vet to do a review of the pets overall health and discuss options with you. Although the Vet is not able to make the decision for you, they are certainly able to support and advise what your next steps can potentially be.

The decision to end a life is never easy. It is a personal, loving decision to euthanise a pet for which the quality of life has deteriorated. It takes courage to assume this last duty and it is our last responsibility to a pet that has given us love and companionship.

If you need any further advice or assistance please feel free to call the clinic and talk to one of our friendly team.