Flea and Worming comparison chart


There are so many flea and worm control products on the market now. Here is a guide to which flea product is right for your pet?

Product Formulation Treatments Age Benefits

Activyl                                                 (dogs only)


Spot on Fleas 8 weeks – Gentle on pets (insecticides activate only once inside fleas)

– Quick drying

Advantage                                                (dogs and cats)                      Spot on Fleas; lice infestations (dogs only) Puppies any age

Kittens 8 weeks

– Fast acting – starts working in 3-5 minutes; kills 100% of fleas within 12 hours

– Can be used on rabbits, ferrets, pregnant and lactating animals

Advantix                                                           (dogs only)                Spot on Fleas; ticks; mosquitoes; sand flies; repels stable flies; lice infestations 7 weeks – Ideal for dogs on bush blocks and for those travelling up North/ to Eastern states


Advocate                              (dogs only)                    

Spot on Fleas; intestinal worms; lice infestations (dogs only); ear mites; sarcoptic mange Puppies 7 weeks

Kittens 9 weeks

– Convenient flea and worm treatment

– Can be used on ferrets

Capstar                                                           (dogs and cats, puppies and kittens from 4 weeks)                            

Tablet Fleas 4 weeks – Immediate flea control

– Single dose

Comfortis                                                   (Dogs & cats)

Chewable tablet Fleas 14 weeks – Ideal for dogs with an outdoor lifestyle or who swim / are washed frequently

– No transfer of product to furniture or skin

Panoramis                      (Dogs only)                           

Chewable beef flavoured tablet Fleas; heartworm; intestinal worms 8 weeks – Convenient 3-in-1 long term control

Nexgard                                                   (Dogs only)                                 

Tasty chew Fleas; ticks 8 weeks – Good for fussy eaters

Revolution (Dogs and cats)                           

Spot on Fleas; heartworm; *intestinal worms; ear mites; sarcoptic mange (*puppies and cats only) 6 weeks – Can be used in breeding, pregnant and nursing bitches and also in rabbits
Sentinel                                                    (Dogs only)                                  Tasty beef and bacon chew Fleas; heartworm; intestinal worms 6 weeks – Ideal 3-in-1 treatment for dogs spending more time indoors

– Convenient (includes a tape wormer)

Bravecto                                                  (Dogs only) Highly palatable chewable tablet

Fleas; ticks

8 weeks – 3-monthly treatment

– Easy administration


Drontal                                     Highly palatable chewable Intestinal worms – roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm Every 3 months – Easy to administer

– 98% palatability

Milbemax                                 Small tablet Protection against all major intestinal worms Every 3 months – Easier to administer (the smallest tablet available)

– Complements a flea/tick protection product

Interceptor                               Tasty chicken flavoured chew Prevention of heartworm and control of intestinal worms Monthly – Easy to administer

– Complements a flea/tick protection product

Profender                             (Cats only)   


Spot on Every 3 months

-Kills roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm.

-Kills larval and immature stages.