banner_04We recommend desexing for all pets which are not going to be used for breeding purposes. This is a surgical procedure, but pets only stay in hospital for the day. It is a complete ovariohysterectomy in females, with both the ovaries and uterus being removed, and in males is castration with removal of the testicles. The procedure can be done from 6 months of age, and animals generally recover much more quickly than humans! Besides removing the ability to produce or have babies, desexing has many other benefits.

  • If desexed early, there is a much lower chance of mammary cancer in females.
  • They will not come into season so will not wander as much or attract males.
  • Older female cats and dogs can also suffer from a life threatening condition called pyometra, where the uterus fills with pus, which can not occur if they are desexed.
  • Desexed males tend not to wander as much, and cannot get testicular cancer if desexed.
  • Some behavioural problems can be lessened , such as intermale aggression.
  • Male cats will not wander or fight as much, so tend to live longer as they are less likely to get run over or contract feline AIDS.
  • Female cats will no longer call or attract toms, which is great for neighbourhood peace!banner_03