The Western Australian government has introduced a law that now requires all cats and dogs to be micro chipped.

What is a microchip?  A microchip is a permanent implant that will remain in your pet for life. It is the only way to permanently identify a pet and involves implanting a tiny electronic chip under the skin. It can be inserted in consultation or whilst under an anaesthetic.  Rangers, animal shelters and vets all have scanners to read the chips and many pets are reunited with their owners in this way.

Will a microchip hurt your pet? The chip is implanted between your pets shoulder blades and is as small as a grain of rice. Your pet might feel a slight discomfort when the chip is implanted, but nothing in the future.

What is involved? You simply book an appointment with our practice, fill in a form,  we then send off this information to the microchip company. Your record will then be put into a central data base,  if your pet  should go missing and is taken to a veterinary hospital or the shire ranger service,  It is just a simple matter of scanning for a chip and retrieving the information via the central data base.

Please remember to update your records if you change your address or phone numbers.