Snake bites

Snakes bites are common in our region from spring to autumn, mainly from Dugites (brown snakes) and Tiger snakes. Snake venom is made up of different components, which affect nerve function (leading to paralysis), blood clotting (causing bleeding) and muscle breakdown toxin (which helps to stop the prey running away too far). This means animals show a range of signs after being bitten, mainly signs of weakness and collapse, but dogs especially will die very quickly if not treated .

If you see your pet get bitten or suspect they may have, IMMEDIATE VETERINARY TREATMENT IS NECESSARY. Call 9795 8080 to let us know you are on your way, This way we can have our emergency team on standby ready for your arrival.

The main part of treatment for snake bite is antivenom, but there can be other secondary problems caused by the venom which also need treatment.  Getting medical attention quickly will increase the chances of saving the pet’s life, but unfortunately will not change the amount of antivenom necessary- this varies from case to case and depends mainly on how much venom has been injected in. If the snake is dead it can be brought too for identification, but do not try to kill it as many human bites have occurred in this way.