anzcvs[1]We have extensive experience in treating fractured legs, anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, luxating patella’s (slipping kneecaps), dislocated hips and repairing other mu0culoskel traumas our pets may suffer.

The most common orthopaedic condition in dogs are ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments and their associated complications. We offer both the most commonly performed surgical techniques to stabilise knees suffering from this condition – replacement ligament surgery and biomechanical modification, or joint re-angling using Triple Tibial Osteotomy technique.

We have invested in digital radiography and extensive specialised surgical equipment and implants to ensure all orthopaedic conditions, especially traumatic ones, can be repaired quickly to get your pet back running around as soon as possible.

Dr Michael Rae has undertaken additional training in surgery and has passed examination to become a member on the Australian and New Zealand Collage of Veterinary Scientists.