Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetery

Harradine and associates have had a long and trusted relationship with Lawnswood cremation and cemetery.

Family Owned & Operated

In 1984 my parents Eric and Janet Stringer started Lawnswood Pet Cemetery after finding that there was no easily affordable option for pet owners who wanted their family members treated with dignity after death. When dad made the decision to retire at the end of 2001, my wife Madeleine and I decided to continue the service. In 2002 we built a new Small Pet Crematorium at Lawnswood and then in 2008 completed a Large Animal / Horse Crematorium.


‘Wally’ the Golden Labrador recently joined our family after our previous black Lab ‘Cookie Monster’ had to be put to sleep after 13 years following a back injury. Cookie had been with us since the day Madeleine and I met. It left a huge hole in our family. We adopted Wally from the RSPCA about six months later and he is the most casual 2yr old Labby that I have ever met. The same month we also adopted ‘Millie’ the 12yr old skittish ex-racehorse who had found herself without a home.

Being an animal lover is a prerequisite for working at Lawnswood and we understand only too well what it means to lose a faithful friend.

We hope you won’t need us for a long time, but at least you know that there is someone you can trust to help you when the time comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use such a service?

Our pet is an important and much loved member of our family, with whom we have developed a deep and emotional attachment, therefore when a pet passes, owners feel that they deserve respect and dignity like any other member of the family.

Many people either rent, have very little garden space or do not want to leave their pet behind when moving house. Others simply can not face the physical act of burying their own pet.

Whatever the reason, thousands of WA families have used Lawnswood to help them with their pets final arrangements.

Will it be my pet’s ashes coming back to me?

Yes. We use a strict identification system to ensure the identity of ashes throughout the process. Every pet is given a unique Identification Number just in case we collect a pet of similar name and breed from the same location on the same day. We use a purpose built crematorium and we return all ashes, not just a token amount. Nothing is left to chance and we re-check the details through each step in the process. We have a motto within our team – “Never assume anything”.

This has been a very important aspect of our service over the years and is something that we will never compromise on.

Will my pet be treated with dignity?

Lawnswood was started in 1984 and our approach has always been to treat the pets like they are our own. A pre-requisite for working at Lawnswood is that you are an animal lover and have had pets yourself. This helps us appreciate what our customers are going through and why the pets deserve the respect that any other member of the family would receive.

Can we speed up the return of the ashes?

Yes. If vessel details and payment are given at the time of booking confirmation, we can prioritise the return of your pets ashes.

When is my pet cremated?

Usually within 12-24 hours of collection from the Vet.

Can I be present at the cremation?

Whilst we understand that some people may be curious or feel the need to be present at a cremation, we must stress that attending does not provide any extra comfort. After more than 20 years experience in helping pet owners though a difficult time we know what helps and what doesn’t when it comes to coping with the loss of a much loved pet. This is why we haven’t gone down the expensive path of insuring our crematorium for public liability which helps us keep the service affordable for everyone.

Where is Lawnswood Pet Cemetery?

Lawnswood’s Pet Cemetery and Crematorium is located an hour’s drive east of Perth at Clackline, near Northam in the Avon Valley. The cemetery is a bush setting with mostly native trees and bushes.

What sort of engraving do people have?

Everyone is different. Some people find dates, breeds or pedigree names important while others just want the pet’s name. Whatever you choose just remember that what you engrave should represent what you feel about your pet’s entire life, not just the days surrounding their death. Our engraved vessels include the engraving of your pet’s name and two additional lines.


Below are some examples of messages that people have added to their pet’s name on engraving in the past.

  • Unforgettable
  • Faithful friend
  • Always remembered
  • Wonderful memories
  • We will meet again
  • Loved family member
  • We miss you every day
  • Faithful companion
  • Loved and greatly missed
  • Goodbye faithful friend
  • Loved and greatly missed
  • Much loved family member
  • Forever in our hearts
  • Loved by all
  • True and faithful friend
  • Rest in Peace