Our surgical team provide the very best of care to your pets when they require surgery. We provide a wide range of surgical procedures from routine sterilisations to orthopaedic surgery.

We also work in conjunction with Bunbury Vet Clinic to run a 24/hr after hour service 7 days a week, to make sure our patients are always supported in their time of need. If you have an emergency call the clinic immediately – if after our normal office hours, please follow the instructions when prompted.


Any anaesthetic involves risk. Most patients will have no problems or side effects at all, but very occasionally problems we cannot foresee can occur. Every patient anaesthetised at Harradine and Associates has a physical examination before they are pre medicated to ensure diagnosable abnormalities are found. All anaesthetics performed in our hospital use the safest possible agents both to reduce risk associated with anaesthesia and to ensure the fastest, smoothest recovery afterwards. We use pain relieving drugs both intra- and postoperatively to make pets more comfortable and help recovery.

There are two other anaesthetic related procedures which will be discussed with you before your pet has an anaesthetic.

Pre Anaesthetic blood tests: To ensure your pet can properly process and eliminate an anaesthetic, we run tests to confirm your pets organs are functioning properly and to find hidden health conditions that could put your pet at risk. Because older pets are at the most risk under anaesthetic, pre-anaesthetic bloods tests are essential. They are also very useful in our young pets to ensure their organs are functioning normally. The more information we have about your pet, internally and externally, the more we can tailor their anaesthetic appropriately.

Intra operative intravenous fluids: We believe that intra operative IV fluid therapy allows us to provide the best medicine possible for our patients. Intravenous fluids help to maintain hydration, body heat (when they are warmed), blood pressure and tissue blood supply and markedly assist in minimising cases of acute kidney failure which is probably the most common post anaesthetic serious complication we see.

Not all pets require pre anaesthetic blood testing and intra operative intravenous fluids, and not everyone can afford everything, so we choose to discuss these with clients, but when we feel they are absolutely necessary to the well-being of the patient, we will tell you.


Laboratory services provided are at reduced and speedier then when off site services are uses. By having an on-site laboratory for blood work, we can take blood samples and look for common and uncommon ailments and diseases and make a diagnosis faster. This means that your pet will receive the treatment they need as soon as possible.

Pre anaesthetic blood testing: Help us keep your pet healthy with pre anaesthetic blood testing. To ensure your pet can properly process and eliminate an anaesthetic, we run tests to confirm that your pets organs are functioning properly and to find any hidden health conditions that could put your pet at risk.

The top FOUR reasons to test your pet before anaesthesia:

  • Enjoy peace of mind. Blood testing can significantly reduce medical risk.
  • Detect hidden illness. Healthy looking pets may be hiding symptoms of a disease or ailment. Blood testing helps detect this kind of illness so we can avoid problems with anaesthesia.
  • Reduce risk and consequences. If the pre anaesthetic testing results in not normal, we can alter the anaesthetic procedure or take other precautions to safeguard your pet’s health.
  • Protect your pets future health. These tests become part of your pets medical record, providing a baseline for future reference.