Worming Your Puppy and Dog

Intestinal worming in dogs is extremely important.  Unlike fleas, which are easily seen on our pets. Intestinal worms are generally out of sight out of mind, but about 80% of dogs of carry intestinal worms in Australia.

While effective in killing adult worms that are already present in your pets at the time of treatment, worming is not like a vaccination and it does not control further infestations. Our pets can be reinfected at any time  from the environment, via uncooked meat, rodents, fleas, some of our bush buddies as well as other pets. that is why we recommend worming for adult dogs every 3 months for life.

Many puppies are born with roundworms and can be infected with hookworm and roundworm through their mothers milk. Early intervention and continued prevention is the best way to help to help puppies and kittens get the best start in life.

We recommend puppies be wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8. 10, 12 weeks of age. Then again at 16 weeks of age.. There after every 3 months for life.

Pregnant and lactating bitches should be treated before mating. 10 days before whelping, then 2 and 4 weeks after whelping.

Tips to keep worms away longer.

  • Clean kennels and sleeping area regularly
  • Common flea tapeworm larvae will develop in fleas, control of fleas on your pets is important
  • Avoid feeding your pets unpossessed offal (Prevent them from eating rodents, rabbits and roo poo)
  • Remove faeces from the environment
  • Control intermediate hosts of worms e.g. rats and mice
  • Children should be taught to wash their hands after playing with and patting their pets, especially before meals